I just wanted to let you all know that in September, I’ll be delivering a little Stratusfaction


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Who doesn’t want Ellen dancing across their blog?

I definitely do.

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“The fans are so passionate, WWE fans are so passionate, so excited, there is so much energy in that arena when you go out, and it just blew out anything that I have ever done in my life. I have performed in front of thousands of people but to go out there, put yourself out there and tell everyone why you should be the Diva didn’t even compare.”

Thank you Eve

#eve motherfucking torres

“I felt like the WWE had all of the elements that I was really passionate about combined into one, because I was always very competitive. I was a gymnast growing up and I was interested in martial arts, so I had that competitive spirit for sure, but I also loved to perform, I love to entertain and I love to travel. To be honest, the thing that I really loved about the WWE is the work that it does with the community, whether through Make-a-Wish or visiting the troops overseas. I felt that these are elements of myself that I really love, so I felt that the Diva Search was a thing that would be right up my alley. I still didn’t know quite what I was getting myself into, but five years later I know that it was meant to be.” - Eve Torres

anonymous asked: kelly kelly or eve torres?